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With A Knitted Scarf, Whether It Can Be Paired With The Fashionable!
Jun 19, 2018

Scarf as the most versatile winter accessories, light has a but far from enough, must be more than a few to strain the shape of the day.

If you say, for example, the proposal is to buy from a knitted scarf, it does not pick the age of temperament, suitable for all.

How to highlight the high sense? Winter the most basic black overcoat, should hand one, how to highlight the coat through the scarf texture, it is necessary to choose the color.

In fact, black compared to the hundred, but if you choose the color will appear very advanced.

For example, a black coat with a gray knitted scarf, inexplicable there is a high-level sense, two pieces of the collision is not abrupt, low-key and bring some literary and artistic.

Or to a camel's knitted scarf, the yarn is born with a warm, and the warm tones of camel, it is more warm and soft. Of course, black and white match will never be wrong, but black coat with white scarf words, this white is best not too white, to the Milky Way or gray, will not appear too blunt jump off.

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