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Why Are Knitwear Made In China Loved By All Countries?
Oct 26, 2018

Modern knitting technology evolved from early manual knitting.The knitting industry is a young sector in the whole textile industry, with a history of more than 400 years, while the development history of China's knitting industry is only more than 80 years.But hand-knitted knitwear has been around for a long time, dating back to ancient times when hominids made their nets.In the early days of hand-weaving, two or several wooden (bone) straight needles were used to bend the yarn into loops one by one into simple and coarse fabrics.Later gradually developed into a cottage industry.China's knitting machinery development late, hand knitting and hand-crocheted has always been an important position, a longer time, spread to the present.China has a high level of hand knitting technology and can weave extremely complex fabrics that cannot be woven on machines.Made in China has been widely recognized in the world, and the knitwear made in China will not bring warmth to the world.

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