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The Safety Choice Of Knitted Gloves Is Very Important
Jun 19, 2018

Occupational health more and more people pay attention to, on the one hand, China's labor contract law 42nd stipulates that the workers engaged in exposure to occupational disease hazards work before the occupation health inspection, or suspected occupational disease patients in the diagnosis or medical observation period, the employing unit shall not in accordance with the law 40th, 

The provisions of article 41st terminate the labor contract. 

On the other hand, the occupational Disease Prevention Law 32nd stipulates that the employing unit shall, in accordance with the provisions of the Health Administrative Department of the State Council, organize the Occupational health inspection before, during and after work, and shall truthfully inform the laborer of the results of the inspection. 1. Chemical factors (1) produced in the production of productive poisons, the chemical substances present in the air of the working environment are called productive poisons. Some for the raw materials, some for the intermediate products, some for the product. 

Common chlorine, ammonia and other irritating gases, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and other suffocating gases, lead, mercury and other metal-like poisons, benzene, bisulfide and other organic solvents. (2) Production of dust produced in the process, a longer period of time suspended in the production of ambient air, solid particles, called productive dust. 

such as silica dust, talc dust, welding dust, asbestos dust, PVC dust, glass fiber dust, acrylic fiber dust and so on. In a word, it is necessary for us to use gloves, which is a guarantee for our health and safety.

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