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Scarf Collocation
Jun 19, 2018

Each person in the use of scarves, should be based on personal temperament, skin color, fat thin, body, shoulder width, clothing and other aspects to choose, so as to achieve the advantages and disadvantages, elegant and elegant surrounding system effect. A look at the clothing department scarf should be based on the overall clothing to decide. In the fashion style, when wearing more serious clothing, it is appropriate to match the traditional pattern of the scarf, wear popular clothing, the modern pattern of the scarf.

But the temperament quiet person, should choose the elegant small pattern scarf, the character is lively, the big pattern scarf is more suitable. Two look complexion complexion is fair, match with light blue, shallow studies midge, apple green, lemon yellow, careful choice tonal strong scarf. If the color is less than white, should choose Brazil yellow, deep beige, deep gray, and so on, careful to use light tones.

Yellow color of women, should avoid purple and yellow, choose Milk White, lake blue, green scarf, so that their face in the scarf to look pale. Three to see the body if the body is moderate, slender neck, skin color, you should wear colorful scarves, such as Peach Red, lake blue, bright yellow, rose, etc. in the pattern, you can choose large flowers, wide lattice, scatter-type, or the combination of abstract color block splicing. Such a scarf around, make people look more youthful, wise and capable. For slim young women, choose the tension of orange, lemon yellow, green fruit, in the crowd played a prominent role. If the body is slightly plump, the neck is not long, in the wearing collar sweater, with a soft tone, small floral-shaped scarf will be very appropriate, in the high collar sweater, is not worthy of small square, but with a hanging down to the chest long scarf. Do not choose the color is too bright, but the purity of the purple, Deep sapphire blue, dark green, brown and so on.

For slim, slender chest of people, should choose some texture slightly soft feeling of the rich pattern and large flower type scarf, symmetrical hanging up the chest is good, this can make the chest appears plump, embodies the beauty of the line. Four look fat thin if female face is fatter, can choose fine stripe or floret type scarf, avoid big flower big lattice. Color can choose dark green, dark blue, black, brown, purple and so on. If the body fat and the big bust, should choose peach-shaped design simple dark or monochrome loose type knitted scarf or silk scarf. Small and small people, to a simple, elegant, flower-shaped scarf with a straight pattern.

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