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How To Wear A Knit Hat To Show A Small Face?
Jun 19, 2018

The black knit hat also has the apparent face white effect!

So how should ordinary people wear to face small?

1. Wear on top of hair

Spring-Spring favorite wear method, the hat is not completely set down, a large part of the high erect, not only elongated face can also gather a height!

2. Cover  "Half Face "

In contrast to the spring-and-spring wear, the brim must cover the eyebrows, rounding up half the face!

3. Leave some hair on both cheeks. The use of hair mask face is most girls love to use the face small method, with a knitted cap together to better effect.

Round face or facial features more three-dimensional girls can stay straight hair, elongated face features prominent features. Girls with longer face shapes can leave curly hair and weaken their facial contours.

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