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Development History And Product Classification Of Knitted Gloves
Jun 19, 2018

Today to talk about I know the knitted gloves, in addition to our design, development, production of some safety products outside the mechanical gloves.

In the whole work gloves, safety gloves history, occupies an absolute important position, the dominant position of a category-knitted gloves, should be a household name. Knitted gloves in China's history is long, the production of enterprises are also more concerned about the government, including the Internet also has many articles on knitted gloves, such as: "2012-2016 China knitted Gloves market research and future development trend report" and so on.

The following is just my own experience to write some of the humble opinion of knitted gloves, and friends around the world to do a simple exchange of information. The so-called knitted gloves, is woven with crochet, the fabric principle is woven into a circle. I know the earliest knitted gloves, is handmade with two of knitting, as knitted as knitting, the general use of raw materials are cotton yarn and yarn more. Later it progressed to weaving with machinery and machines. Developed to the late 70, Japan made a very advanced glove knitting machine-Island Seiki, will knit the whole process of gloves with the computer for the overall control, its model after seven-pin machine, 13-pin machine and so on. Knitted gloves with different densities and different uses are knitted by arranging the different needle spacing at equidistant distance.

No matter what raw materials used, it must be linear, and the twist of raw materials into the line according to different specifications, different uses, different types of gloves, have certain requirements. On the market now the most common cotton gloves (Safety protection), for raw materials-cotton yarn twist required between 35-42 (this value is generally refers to 1 meters within the number of twists (how many laps)). If you say, twist through the large, its finished gloves feel will harden, and the finger will appear in the industry refers to the "column" Phenomenon (column-similar to torsional deformation); If the twist is too small, the wear resistance of finished gloves is poor, reduce the safety and protection of gloves. It can be seen that although the birth of the island Seiki, speed up the development of knitted gloves, greatly simplifying the production process, production costs, but the different types of knitted gloves for the requirements of raw materials is very strict, to make a stable quality, high-quality knitted gloves are still very exquisite.

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