You should have a knitting cap in winter.
Jun 19, 2018

Listen to the weather report that there is snow next week? Snowflakes fluttering, falling on the head, so beautiful. But the snow is wet and the hair is not so beautiful. It is said that celebrities fall in love with knitted hats this year.

Let's hurry up and get a top. In winter every single product can create a fashion dimensions, especially fashion and the knitting cap, although seemingly single, but from the details, styles and materials can be full of tricks.

With simple, warm, but also to cover up because of lazy and do not want to take care of the rough hairstyle. Spicy mom Yang Wearing a oversize knitted sweater, wearing a knitted hat, blue Marc Jacobs handbag appeared, both warm and stylish. Although the near to wrap themselves up, but still can't cover the good temperament. Despite the recent announcement of exit, Taylor Swift's good clothes will be tempted to "advertise" it. Not only is the coat high, but the body is also a good one. A look at Taylor Swift's deduction for a knitted cap is described as "Sunshine" in winter.

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