What's your pet's dress?
Jun 19, 2018

1, the pet has the constant temperature ability

With the change of season, temperature and sunshine length, the density and length of pet fur can be adjusted automatically to maintain the constant of body temperature, so as to ensure the stability of the immune system. In this way, the clothes on the pet's shoes and hats have become their shackles, and even the catalyst for disease. Wear clothing shoes and hats, pets can not give full play to their own clean ability and constant temperature ability, thus reducing the immunity, and even caused the pet to the clothing shoes and hats dependence. Once accumulated to a certain extent, or clothing shoes and hats poorly dressed, it is possible to attack.

If the owner must dress up the pet, also should try to shorten the wear time.

2, wear clothes to warm up better exercise A better way to warm up is to exercise more and take part in outdoor activities. In addition, even if the pet clothes, clothing must be fitted, otherwise it will cause the pet spirit of dispirited, restless, serious will be sick.

Pet Clothing also need to change, must not with the owner of the clothes washing together, otherwise easy to cause some infectious diseases.

3, which dogs need to wear clothes Weak dogs, into the old age of their own poor ability to warm the dog, just produced the mother dog, the first dog of the disease and the old injured dog, should pay special attention to the warmth of the problem. In addition, the body of a strong puppy to wear according to the length of hair, as appropriate, depending on the variety. For example, the weak body of Bo Mei, Deer Dog, Chihuahua should be dressed warm, like a long hair, a good physique of the Jing-Ba, Xi Shi is not necessarily wear. The owners of these pets can choose some relatively frivolous clothes for their dogs, mainly for the sake of beauty.

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