What hat do girls go out to play with?
Jun 19, 2018

1. Baseball Caps

Baseball cap is the most common style of life, but also a most casual and practical hat, baseball caps do not pick a face, even if the top of the messy hair as long as a baseball cap can turn cool girl, the street also no pressure.

Not only do we like it, baseball caps are also the favorite of stars and Boomers, and baseball caps are preferred for both the airport and the street. Bright-coloured baseball caps are good for this season and will make the whole more eye-sucking.

Baseball caps are good. Clothes, I usually wear the simplest T-shirts, cowboys and other sports and leisure money.

2, Newsboy hat

Newsboy hat is based on the "Newsboy" wearing the hat evolved, the hat interior space is very large and loose, but will not appear to be cumbersome, still very type, I have long wanted a newsboy hat.

Lazy little Buddy get up in the morning and just put your hair in the hat and you can go downstairs to eat breakfast, oil head instantly stealth I think the newsboy hat wear special brim, very suitable for international stylish big eye beauty.

3. Fisherman's Hat

A few days ago hot bar Fisherman's hat on the hot search, I looked at the heart really feel hot bar too will wear a ride, and instantly be her cool dress to plant grass, especially the white Fisherman's hat, the most of the face cover up, appear hot bar face smaller.

Since last year, Fisherman's hat is very popular, after all, this not only can shade and slim face of the artifact in the middle of our big face fairy, the big face star people can never miss it ~

4. Beach Cap If it is to go to the seaside to play the beach cap must have to take, at the seaside casually come to a beach hat of self-portraits are friends in the circle of beautiful scenery, a beach hat, let you away from the small fresh literature and art and a step closer.

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