On the importance of the maintenance of knitted glove machinery
Jun 19, 2018

1, before the succession of each machine to refuel the parts to refuel, and check each oil pot oil level;

2, before the handover of each machine's platform table, especially the needle bed and head for cleaning work, can use the machine vacuum cleaner, machine tools and the head of the dust cleaning.

Second, the establishment of regular maintenance plans, in addition to the machine itself inspection, maintenance, maintenance, must be the machine's external and internal cleaning. Why I would like to emphasize the importance of cleaning, because a machine grease and yarn dust will directly affect the quality of large goods products.

For example, not regularly to the drum on the grease and dust cleaning off, will directly affect the rise and fall of the crochet hook, reduce the finished product pass rate; For example, grease and dust stick together will plug the needle bed, irregular cleaning off will damage the crochet hook, and even caused the whole row of the phenomenon of crochet, and not in time to clean up prone to fire and burning, resulting in greater Therefore, we must establish a good maintenance system, not only to specify the time, the content, the content must be quantified, comparable, can be verified. At the same time, the management and training of the mechanic, not only requires the mechanic to have superb maintenance technology, but also have good work habits, because the mechanic is to ensure the normal operation of the machine is an important staff. Only to ensure the safety of the machine, stable, high-quality work, to the most effective guarantee of product quality.

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