Classic Knit Hat collocation
Jun 19, 2018

"Head can be broken, hair can not be disorderly" visible hairstyle for everyone is how important. Cold winter, how to both warm and good-looking hair, perfect temperament? Very simple! A certain classic knit hat minutes to help you fix. It's important to have fashion and style.

Fashion icon has secret classic knit hat collocation is very important Recently appeared in the airport Yang a casual, fashionable dress. As we all know, this beauty of Beijing girl to fashion, dress, collocation has its own unique insights. No matter what the occasion, as long as the power to appear, the best clothing winners are no two. Camel lapel wool coat looks like the small power power installed, but have to say also very good foil the power of the fashion gas field. The same day, Yang and assistant each person a knitted cap, cleverly balanced the upper and lower body of the visual feeling, but also warm.

Did you find this little trick? Dignified, atmospheric Ni also and friends chose a classic knitted hat, not only not look old, but very good balance up and down the vision, very good-looking look. Wearing boy London knit hat, wearing coach 14 autumn and winter beige lamb fur coat, foot on snow cotton.

Netizen: Will it be a little hot? Zhang Yu appeared at the airport. She wears a knitted hat, a leather stitching lapel jacket, a pair of jeans under the hem, and a foot on a thick bottom shoe. A casual dress.

Retreat to the daily luxury, still very beautiful! and Tin Hau Wong reconciled with Nicholas Tse recently a casual outfit appeared at the airport. Black knit hat, black fly mirror, black hooded jacket, straight jeans under, foot blue sneakers.

Have to say the black knit hat on the head is very grab mirror, cool, handsome temperament is from this come out of the clatter ~ ~ Fashion icon has secret classic knit hat collocation is very important

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