10 kinds of scarves There's always one for you.
Jun 19, 2018

A, knitted scarf around the neck of a lap of the coat, remember the coat must be loose, the overall shape clean and tidy, warm type.

Second, the hair collar is not necessarily with the clothes together, this is also the most popular scarf style this year, in the selection of a "dirty" rainbow color, the most tidal warm.

Third, the slim version of a long coat is the most suitable for this scarf to take the FA, choose a longer scarf, around the neck a circle, the length of the uneven fall in the chest, to reconcile the overall shape of the tone.

Four, double-sided scarf better use, so loose hanging neck on the OK, clothing color can not be too much, scarf more is Meimei's eye.

Five, Mao collar, or Mao collar, this year's hair collar is so popular, choose and dress to match the color, how to catch all inflow.

Six, fine narrow long scarf best or on the head has a bright spot can absorb eye, otherwise, if the color value is not high, the danger of being worn is a bit big.

Seven, the big scarf and thin blouse compare, add the whole bright spot, if the girl thinks oneself too thin, take such a weight scarf can also divert attention.

Eight, another hair collar scarf, see it's power?!

Nine, scarf has an exotic amorous feelings, warm, classic, is concave modelling artifact.

Ten, there is a way to take the scarf is, absolute decoration, with warm not a little relationship, as long as good-looking, so capricious.

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